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Created 12-Jul-10
Modified 12-Sep-10
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A general sampling of recent work including photos of Arizona scenes, real estate for sale in Tucson and landsailing photos from 2010 America's Cup of Landsailing as well as pet photos of dogs and cats.
Pusch Ridge winter sunset  etc.Canyon de ChellyButterfly Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumBighorn Sheep etc. at Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumCanon Vista Panorama 2 AFront Yard view at TwilightBackyard view at twilightStone Canyon home at twilightMedia Room Saddlebrooke, AZClose finishAmerica's Landsailing Cup Regatta 2010San Javier Mission Tucson, AZGiraffe Houston ZooPoppy field Tucson, AZPusch Ridge etc. at sunsetPusch Ridge etc. ScenicSamanthaMagic Portrait 1Reid Park Zoo, TucsonSpiny bud